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Introducing Zulo Business Portal

Many small to large businesses face a challenging landscape in South Africa. The global pandemic, infrastructure challenges and economic complexity have required companies to reinvent and reimagine themselves to stay ahead. In the dynamic business landscape, growing enterprises encounter an escalating array of challenges that demand innovative solutions. Amplifin recognises that as businesses expand, their concerns multiply – from financial intricacies to operational complexities. The organisation understands that these enterprises require access to cutting-edge technologies akin to those embraced by larger corporations but without the financial constraints that might otherwise hinder growth.

Steven Maier, the Chief Brand Officer at Amplifin, believes that innovative and trusted Point of Sale Management Solutions, offering additional facilities and benefits, are key to unlocking potential and giving business owners more control of, and insight into, their businesses.

Maier comments, “Zulo stands apart from its competitors. Unlike singular-focused platforms, Zulo doesn’t merely facilitate payments – it revolutionises the way businesses operate. This all-inclusive toolkit empowers businesses to embrace a comprehensive solution that nurtures growth, efficiency, and unparalleled control. As a result, Zulo redefines the standard, making it the ultimate choice for enterprises seeking not just a payment solution but an entire business transformation”.

The Zulo Business Portal (Zulo) delivers these benefits no cost and is exclusively available to Amplifin card payment solution clients.

Zulo is easy to use and comes with an array of powerful features, offering small to larger businesses a solution that goes beyond traditional payment processing to provide effortless purchasing capabilities alongside:

  • Elevated customer experience
  • Purchasing history tracking
  • Integrated debit and credit card payments

An All-In-One Solution

Zulo is free to all businesses signed up to the Amplify  Card Payment Solution. This solution offers unparalleled service at highly competitive rates, and it unlocks the door to the comprehensive capabilities.

“Providing the Zulo Business Portal to our customers for free is part of our commitment to driving the South African economy with tools designed to drive growth and enhance productivity,” says Maier. “You can use the platform to manage about every essential business function, eliminating the need to switch between various solutions to obtain valuable customer and business insights. All the necessary information is consolidated in a single, centralised place”.

Efficient Business Management in One Ecosystem

Zulo includes a variety of essential business management functionalities across sales, suppliers,  customers, and cash. 

  • The Sales Management tool facilitates product and service sales, streamlining sales-related tasks and data management.
  • The Integrated Card Payments effortlessly accepts card payments from a single unified platform, without the complexity of running two separate systems.
  • The Customer Management feature enables businesses to tailor customer engagement, curate personalised offers, and cultivate lasting customer loyalty. 
  • The Product and Inventory Management feature empowers businesses to manage inventory easily—add, edit, remove products; monitor real-time stock levels; receive alerts for low stock; and optimise procurement processes accurately.
  • The Supplier Management tool centralises order control, supply chain management, customer preferences and overall business oversight through a user-friendly customisable dashboard.
  • The Advanced Reporting tool offers in-depth insights into sales, inventory, and customer metrics, empowering businesses with data-driven decision-making.

      The platform also offers integrated card payments through the Amplifin ALLPS platform, removing the need to run separate systems. This plays no small role in enhancing businesses’ experiences as they enjoy smooth payments and seamless engagement across the business, and it reduces admin and the risk of error. Zulo allows for capturing customer information, tracking purchase histories, and tailoring personalised offers to further enhance customer loyalty.

      “Zulo also helps you take full control over your inventory. You can add, edit or remove products; take stock levels in real-time; receive low stock alerts; and you can place orders directly from the platform,” adds Maier. “This portal is designed to streamline the procurement process, maintain optimal inventory levels, and give you invaluable insights into your business performance , allowing you to make informed decisions.

      “Through Zulo, we reaffirm our commitment to enabling business growth without imposing heavy financial burdens, thereby fostering a level playing field where growth knows no bounds. Businesses can experience the power of Zulo with all its incredible functionalities and benefits at no cost, by signing up for the Amplifin Card Payment Solution that offers unparalleled service at highly competitive rates,” concludes Maier.

      *To Amplifin card payment solution clients

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