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ALLPS Management Platform (AMP)

With the introduction of DebiCheck into the National Payment System, the entire South African debit order landscape has undergone significant changes.

While non-face-to-face authentication mechanisms offer a great measure of convenience for both users and payers, they don’t come without their challenges, and it is necessary to look at alternative solutions when these mechanisms fail.

We have developed our sophisticated ALLPS Management Platform (AMP) as an alternative solution should a DebiCheck TT1 Real-Time or any of the other non-face-to-face authentication mechanisms fail. The use of a TT3 card-based mandate authentication mechanism requires a face-to-face interaction with the payer, which is not always possible outside of the AMP Solution.

Amplifin has an established national network of hundreds of multifunctional devices in the field, that can be used for face-to-face engagements by Contracted Network Entities who have concluded agreements with Amplifin to obtain TT3 authentication requests.

AMP provides the ability for you to request a face-to-face TT3 authentication by uploading the matter through our user-friendly platform and will be made available to a network of experienced Contracted Network Entities (CNEs) nationwide, who will obtain the TT3 Authentication Request on your behalf.

The mobile device is taken to the consumer and the consumer can use their card and PIN as an authentication mechanism which includes the electronic signing of the mandate on the device.

Additional paperwork such as, An Acknowledgement of Debt can also be requested to be signed by the payer.

This service offering can be used to supplement your current authentication strategy without incurring overhead costs. It has proved to be highly effective in the debt recovery market.

Benefits of AMP

  • An advanced and innovative solutions that enables you to connect to a network of devices from an electronic platform to obtain face-to-face authentication without incurring the additional overhead costs of device rental or establishing a network of your own
  • You have an alternative solution available should a DebiCheck TT1 Real-Time or any other non-face-to-face authentication mechanism fail
  • The parameters of the mandate have been recorded for the CNE, ensuring that the engagement with the consumer is efficient and done in a controlled manner
  • If permitted through User Right settings, the CNE can renegotiate the repayment terms and obtain and specify the correct salary payment strike dates to ensure a higher potential success rate
  • Businesses, whether big or small, can remain on their respective appointed panels, remains commercially viable and not suffer any potentials negative drawbacks due to the introduction of DebiCheck into the National Payment System


  • CNEs operate on a “no-success, no-pay” basis, which means that the AMP users will only pay the CNEs once the Authenticated Mandates have been successfully obtained


  • Payments to CNEs who have successfully authenticated payment instructions are facilitated through the AMP Solution and no payments need to be made outside of the solutions, thereby providing greater control and minimizing additional financial and administrative tasks


  • All CNEs are thoroughly vetted, registered with the required regulators and have a contractual relationship with Amplifin


  • A CNE can negotiate the payment instruction with the payer but will be bound to set parameters as decided by the AMP User
  • AMP instructions can be edited, removed or withdrawn from a CNE at any time before or after an AMP instruction has been accepted by a CNE

Account Verification Services

Account Verification Services (AVS) is a powerful real-time or delayed mechanism that enables users to validate specific bank account details provided by the payer before creating a payment instruction.

AVS is a solid preventative measure against businesses accepting and loading incorrect or fraudulent bank account details or deductions as it ensures that the bank account details provided by the payer belong to the consumer for which a mandate is being created and is linked to an account that meets the requirements for collection before providing services or products.

Both Batch (delayed) and Real-time AVS requests are supported.

The consumer details that are verified are as follows:

Name and Surname

ID Number

Bank account type

Whether the bank account accepts debits or credits

Cellular number (Crucial for DebiCheck in a non face-to-face environment)

Bank account number

The length of time the bank account has been open (Whether the bank account has been open for more than three months)

Bank account status (Open or Closed)

Email Address

Bank branch code

The ALLPS eSignature Solution

The ALLPS eSignature Solution allows for the user to electronically capture signatures on mandates signed by the payer on our PIN Entry Device and are uploaded to a secure environment.

ALLPS also allows you to upload scanned documents to a secure environment. Should you experience any internet connectivity problems during the creation of payment instructions, the mandate can be signed, scanned and uploaded once connectivity has been restored.

The most cost-efficient way of staying compliant is by using eSignatures, as this will ensure that all mandates are always safely stored and accessible in ALLPS-i, reducing printing and stationary expenses and eliminating the hassle of filing and storing printed documents.

This paperless approach has less impact on the environment and is extremely cost effective.

ALLPS Prepaid Product System

The ALLPS Prepaid Product System was introduced for Amplifin clients looking to expand on their current product offerings and sell various prepaid products such as airtime, electricity, and DStv via an electronic interface.

Generally, prepaid products are made available to clients by wholesale providers who rent out dedicated Point of Sale hardware and printing equipment. These devices then print receipts displaying a system-generated code. Once the system-generated code that is displayed on the receipt is entered into the relevant device, the prepaid product can be accessed and used by the end consumer.

Rather than introduce additional dedicated Prepaid Point of Sale hardware and printing equipment into the ALLPS Branch Network, Amplifin has selected a wholesale provider that is prepared to support an electronic interface to the prepaid products and grants a rebate to Amplifin clients once the prepaid products are sold to the end consumer.

No additional monthly fees or transaction costs are applicable for ALLPS users who wish to access the ALLPS Prepaid Product System.

How Prepaid Products are Utilised:

Pre-Paid (PIN) Airtime

The Pre-Paid (PIN) option enables the purchase and printing of an airtime voucher from a list of all the available network options. A system-generated code will be displayed on the printed voucher receipt the customer enters into their device to access and use the airtime purchased.

PIN-less Airtime

The Airtime (PIN-less) option enables the purchase and direct loading of airtime to a specified cell phone number. As such, the customer will not have to enter a system-generated code (as is the case with the Pre-Paid PIN option) to access their airtime. The airtime will be available immediately after purchase.


The Electricity option enables the purchase of prepaid electricity. The printed voucher receipt displays the system-generated code the customer can enter into their meter to access and use the electricity purchased.


DStv prepaid product payments facilitate account payments and make payments into the DStv Account.

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