Debit and Credit Card Payments

We provide access to, and processing of debit and credit card transactions in real-time through our fixed and mobile Card Payment devices, adding a convenient payment stream to your business’s payment ecosystem.

ALLPS Card Payment Devices - Achieving Perfection

Secure and reliable Card Payment solutions accepting debit and credit card transactions for any size business across all industry types

What ALLPS Card Payment Solutions has to offer

Competitive pricing on device rental and transaction fees

Device maintenance and insurance included when devices are rented from us

Professional support and assistance from our expertly trained consultants and technicians

Access to ALLPS-i, providing tools for device and transaction management as well as comprehensive and real-time reporting

Free device delivery, installation and user training

Same-day/next-day settlement into the commercial bank account of your choice

3-month free evaluation period*

We don't sell, we rent – and here's why

While it may seem like you’d be saving yourself from incurring extra future costs by purchasing Card Payment devices on a once-off basis, this may not necessarily be the case.

All POS devices performing card transactions must comply with the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) requirements and directives. The average lifespan of Card Payment devices and their capability of catering for these standards and requirements is approximately five years.

This means that after five years, the Card Payment device will no longer be able to support the ever-changing PCI DSS requirements; rendering the device redundant in the card transactions environment.

This means that after approximately five years the Card Payment device will no longer be able to support the ever-changing PCI DSS requirements; rendering the device redundant in the card transactions environment.

By renting our devices, our clients don’t have to spend thousands purchasing POS devices that may become redundant after a couple of years. We provide our clients with the peace of mind that their devices will always be up to date with PCI DSS requirements, and that their devices will be replaced the moment they become too ‘old’ to live up to the industry standards and requirements.

Additionally, device maintenance and insurance fees are included in the monthly rental fee, meaning that, should the device become faulty, we will either repair or replace the device at no additional charge. Our consultants and technicians are proficiently trained and are readily available to assist you with any difficulties that you may experience

What makes our Card Payment offering stand out from the rest?

We approach payments differently. We hold our transaction security to very high standards, ensuring that our clients and their businesses are always protected. Our systems and devices are designed to adapt to you and your requirements, meeting your business needs and providing solutions to the challenges and frustrations that often arise in the card payments environment.

We put great care into the services and support that we offer our clients. We provide hands-on device and system training to our clients and their employees, thereby seeing to it that our clients can effectively use the available tools to maximise the efficiency of their transaction management and success.

Wireless Card Payment Device

Countertop Card Payment Device

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