Solutions-Based Payments & Collection Platforms

Empowering you with a wide range of technologically advanced functionalities and mechanisms to manage your payment instructions.

Integrated Solutions

Amplifin provides solutions that make the management of payment instructions as efficient as possible. Varying levels of Integration are supported for all our Solutions through the ALLPS-i platform.

Supported Integration

We support integration via one or both of the following solutions:

Web Service API

A complete Web Service API is available for the creation and maintenance of payment instructions.

Our Web Services Integration supports real-time requests for DebiCheck TT1 Real-time, DebiCheck TT1 Delayed, DebiCheck TT2, DebiCheck TT3, AVS, AVS-R, AMP, POS (debit and credit card transactions) and eSignatures.

File-Based / Batch Integration

We maximise efficiency in the management of your payment instructions.

This solution electronically supplies consumer and payment instruction information from your business’s Debtor Management System to ALLPS in a predefined file format to create the necessary payment instructions for processing through the ALLPS Solution.

Easy integration automates the process, and payment instructions are automatically captured, imported and presented against your consumer’s bank account from your Debtor Management System.

Batch integration supports requests for DebiCheck TT2, EFT Debits, and Account Verification Services (AVS).

Integrated Solutions

We offer existing integrations with a large number of commercially available Debtor Management Systems.

If we are not integrated with your Debtor Management System, we will work with your provider to ensure an efficient integration between your Debtor Management Solution and ALLPS. Varying levels of integration are supported for all our solutions through the ALLPS platform.

Benefits of an Integrated Solution are:

The information contained in the Debtor Management System and the Collection System(ALLPS) remain in sync

Payment Instructions are created more accurately (without errors) and efficiently as the information required to create the debit orders is populated from the information in the Debtor Management System
The posting of receipts is automated, which improves accuracy, speeds up the process and limits the amount of manpower required to perform this function
Amplifin has an open integration policy, meaning we will integrate with any non-competing third party upon the receipt of a non-disclosure agreement
Saves time – Integration eliminates the need for a user to capture details on both the Debtor Management System and on the ALLPS-i web frontend

The payment instruction can be managed through the entire life cycle via the integrated solution – Creation, authentication, maintenance, receipting and interpretation of transaction responses, including dispute and mandate suspension responses

Our Collection and Payment Management Solution has been tried and tested to ensure that we remain at the forefront of meeting your varying business needs.

Although DebiCheck was built on the ISO20022 Standard, integration with ALLPS mainly utilises common data transfer mechanisms in the form of SOAP XML and Batch File exchanges via SFTP Server. This removes the complexity of interbank messaging and improves the ease of integration.

The payments landscape is ever-changing, but as a System Operator we “absorb” these changes and the integrated system is shielded from these changes

ALLPS has a “sandbox” test environment, which replicates the NPS environment and is able to simulate any functionality, such as positive and negative processing responses from banks, to improve integration testing

Amplifin has a dedicated Quality Assurance Department that is available to assist integrated system providers during the development and testing phases

The integration product owner fulfills the role of project administrator and is the single point of contact to ensure timelines are adhered to, and delays are eliminated

Regular interactions are scheduled as per the integrated system supplier’s preference to cater for varying support needs

Both the Web Service API and the batch integration support a managed solution, which means that the full payment plan (multiple for payment collection instructions) can be loaded installments, and only new payment collection instructions, edits and cancellations need to be provided

Alternatively, the Web Service API and batch integration also supports the loading of once-off payment collection instructions per collection payment cycle

Managed Debit Order Solutions

An EFT Debit Order Solution is an ideal and cost-effective solution if you are operating in an environment where the presentment of your debit orders is not time-sensitive.


Electronically capture signatures on mandates signed by the payer on our PIN Entry Devices.

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