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ALLPS Voucher System

The ALLPS Voucher System was introduced for Amplifin clients looking to
expand on their current product offerings and sell various prepaid products
such as airtime, electricity, and DStv via an electronic interface.

Generally, prepaid products are made available to clients by wholesale providers who rent out dedicated Point of Sale hardware and printing equipment. These devices then print vouchers displaying a system-generated code. Once the system-generated code that is displayed on the voucher is entered into the relevant device, the prepaid product can be accessed and used by the end consumer.

Rather than introduce additional dedicated Prepaid Point of Sale hardware and printing equipment into the ALLPS Branch Network, Amplifin has selected a wholesale provider that is prepared to support an electronic interface to the prepaid products and grants a rebate to Amplifin clients once the prepaid products are sold to the end consumer.

No additional monthly fees or transaction costs are applicable for ALLPS users who wish to access the ALLPS Voucher System. Voucher purchases are debited directly from the user’s Mercantile AET bank account, and users receive a monthly invoice from Amplifin.

How vouchers are utilised:

Pre-Paid (PIN) Airtime

The Pre-Paid (PIN) option enables purchase and printing of an airtime voucher from a list of all the available network options. A system-generated code will be displayed on the printed voucher receipt the customer enters into their device to access and use the airtime purchased.

PIN-less Airtime

The Airtime (PIN-less) option enables the purchase and direct loading of airtime to a specified cell phone number. As such, the customer will not have to enter a system-generated code (as is the case with the Pre-Paid PIN option) to access their airtime. The airtime will be available immediately after purchase.

It is essential that the cell phone number is confirmed with the Customer and accurately captured as credits to incorrect cell phone numbers cannot be reversed.


The Electricity option enables the purchase of prepaid electricity. The printed Voucher Receipt displays the system-generated code the customer can enter into their meter to access and use the electricity purchased.


DStv voucher payments facilitate account payments and make payments into the DStv Account.