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Account Verification Service

Account Verification Services (AVS) is a powerful real-time or delayed mechanism that enables users to validate specific bank account details provided by the payer before creating a payment instruction.

AVS is a solid preventative measure against businesses accepting and loading incorrect or fraudulent bank account details or deductions as it ensures that the bank account details provided by the payer belong to the consumer for which a mandate is being created and is linked to an account that meets the requirements for collection before providing services or products.

Both Batch (delayed) and Real-time AVS requests are supported.

The consumer details that are verified are as follows:

Name and surname

ID number

Bank account type

Whether the bank account accepts debits or credits

Cellular number (crucial for DebiCheck in a non-face-to-face environment)

Bank account number

The length of time the account has been open (whether the bank account has been open for longer than 3 months)

Bank account status (open or closed)

Email address

Bank branch code